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Initial Assessment & Consultation

Your first appointment is scheduled for 60 minutes and consists of an assessment of your medical history as well as dietary habits and lifestyle. If necessary or appropriate a body assessment will be performed on a state-of-the-art device. The assessment will enable your dietitian to facilitate realistic goal setting in terms of a healthy body weight and suggested dietary changes.

The dietitian will also provide appropriate nutritional education to empower you as the client, to manage your disease condition and/or new healthy diet and health style.

Nutrition Assessment
Weight loss

After the initial consultation, the dietitian will prepare an individualised meal plan that will be provided at the second consultation which is scheduled for 30 minutes within one week from the initial consultation.

Your dietitian will determine the frequency of follow-up visits which may vary from weekly to every second week until new habits are established. Once you are comfortable with managing your disease condition and/or new dietary habits these visits may be scheduled every 4 – 8 weeks. The aim is to, as clients are empowered to manage their disease conditions and/or new dietary habits, reduce the frequency of follow-up visits to 2– 4 times per year.

Follow-up visits are essential to assist and support you in establishing your new lifestyle and eating habits and to provide ongoing education based on sound scientific principles, regarding food and nutritional issues. These visits are also important to monitor and evaluate your progress and to adjust your meal plan if necessary.

Book an appointment with one of our dietitians

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