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Initial Assessment & Consultation

Initial Educational Assessment and Consultation.

This consultation lasts 45 minutes.

An assessment of your current dietary intake, medical history and life style will be done to enable the dietician to provide appropriate education, compile a meal plan and provide individualised guidelines. This consultation will also include assessment of weight, height and BMI as well as determining of ideal body weight if appropriate.

Nutrition Assessment
Weight loss

Follow-Up Consultations

Follow-up consultations are scheduled for 15 minutes.

Your dietician will determine the initial frequency of follow-up visits which may vary from weekly to every 2nd week until new habits are established. Once you are comfortable with your new dietary habits these visits may be scheduled every 4 – 8 weeks. Follow-up visits are however very important to assist and support you in establishing your new lifestyle and eating habits and to provide ongoing education based on sound scientific principles, regarding food and nutritional issues. These visits are further important to evaluate your progress and to adjust your diet if necessary.

Discovery Vitality Consultations

Vitality Nutrition Consultations

Alta Kloppers & Associates form part of the Vitality Dietician Network and do Vitality Nutrition Assessments.

Consultations are scheduled for 45 minutes.

The fees are paid upfront and claimed back from Discovery.

Vitality Assessment

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